The Terrie (Wolles) McCoss Internship Scholarship is open to all Minnesota music therapy interns, as long as they have at least six weeks left of their internship by the date of the deadline for which they apply.

Application deadlines for this award are January 31st and July 31st.

Interns will apply electronically, via this secure form:

Before completing the form, applicants should prepare electronic files of the following:

-Three letters of reference (one from educational source, one from practicum supervisor, and one additional)
-a short essay discussing your musical inspirations

-transcript (unofficial is acceptable)

-audition video


-proof of internship in MN

Decision of recipient will be made by the MTAM executive board and will be considered final. Recipients will be notified by email and scholarship funds will be sent via postal mail to the internship site supervisor to be presented at midterm or upon reception if intern is beyond midpoint.

Any questions about this form or the application process can be directed to the President-Elect of MTAM at