Christina Brantner, MA, MT-BC, our MTAM Reimbursement Officer!

Christina divides her time between working for the Minneapolis Public Schools, running her business Therapy Thru Music, being the music director at Mt. Hope Lutheran Church, Bloomington, MN and spending time with her family. Over the past eleven years, her work in music therapy has taken her to every corner of the Twin Cities metro area working with a unique variety of clients from early childhood to those who relive their childhoods through the music they create together. During those eleven years, Christina started Therapy Thru Music, received her masters degree from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College (SMWC) and raised a family of two children – with another one expected this August!

With every story her clients tell through their music, Christina is reminded of how blessed she is to be doing what she loves and to be loving what she is doing. These reminders come not only from her clients but also from her colleagues who are instrumental in fueling her passion for music therapy. Because of this, she is equally passionate about giving back to the profession through conference planning, presentations, advocacy and service. She is honored to serve in any capacity for our state and region and shared she is uniquely honored to serve alongside some of our equally talented and passionate board members.