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MTAM Service Award

Becky Pansch- Spring 2017
From Nomination Letter
Becky served a voluntary position for 11 years on the Minnesota Hospice and Palliative Care Education and Training Committee. Becky’s involvement with this committee has been greatly important to the increased awareness of music therapy and growth of jobs, thus increasing access of services to hospice patients and families. Through advocacy and education she gained the support of MNHPC and music therapy has become increasingly visible in conference presentations and educational materials.
Becky also had the support of MNHPC to recruit volunteer music therapists at their yearly conferences to play improvised music 15 minutes before each presentation. Conference attendees were able to experience music themselves and notice the physiological and mental effects. The presence of music therapists became instantly popular and has been requested each year. The yearly conference occurred earlier this month and many Minnesota music therapists were present to provide music and represent the field. MNHPC allows volunteer music therapists to attend for free. In past conferences she included a list of hospices that provided music therapy in the folders given to all attendees. MNHPC also now offers CMTE credits to music therapists.
Through Becky’s tireless efforts our Minnesota hospice community has become well educated on music therapy, and many job have been created. In fact, there are very few hospices in the metro area who do not offer music therapy. It has become the “norm” in service provision. As a result, many hospice patients and family’s lives have been touched by the involvement of music therapists on their care teams, powerfully providing meaningful support in a time of grief and loss.