Lifetime Achievement

Nominate a Lifetime Achievement Award

1. Nominee has at least 15 years professional experience.
2. Nominee has to have been board certified for 15 years. Retired nominations are OK
3. Nomination process: Nominator must write 1 page essay detailing nominee’s contributions to music therapy in Minnesota- academic, clinical and/or professional contibutions.
4. Must be nominated by a member of MTAM.
5. Nomination must be received two weeks prior to Spring conference.
6. Award will be presented during Spring conference.
7. Email all award nominations to Jessica De Villers at

Bridget Doak

Spring 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominated by Kendri Scarborough, Emma Moonier, & Danielle Malo

spring 2017 lifetime achievement bridget doak
(From Nomination Letter, 2017)
Throughout the course of her career, Bridget has devoted her time and energy to furthering music therapy in the Fairview Hospital system and educating music therapy students at Augsburg College where Bridget served as Practicum Supervisor for 18 years. In her work at Augsburg College, she guided students in practicum and internship, provided significant support in the process of academic accreditation and served as an ongoing mentor for young professionals in the field. She was the first female music therapist to earn a Ph.D. in music therapy, which she received from Temple University. She worked from 1991-2016 as a music therapist serving children and adolescents with mental illness, supervising music therapy interns, and shaping the educational programs for hospital employees and service providers, both in and outside of music therapy practice. Bridget has long-acted as a client advocate within the psychiatric hospital system, and has engaged those with whom she works with clinical knowledge of trauma-informed care in order to ensure that the children with whom she worked received the best possible care.

Bridget’s colleague Roberta Kagin said, “Bridget was a constant source of inspiration to her students and the music faculty. She inspired me to pursue a doctoral degree from Temple. As a member of the Augsburg Music Faculty, Bridget was highly respected by everyone who knew her. She maintained high expectations for her practicum students, while at the same time nurturing and encouraging them to do their best. She helped students reach their potential and explore their unique abilities. Through her positive energy and love of her clinical work, she was an important part of the growth of the music therapy program at Augsburg.”

Bridget recently entered into a well-deserved retirement, and is travelling the world. We strongly feel that she is deserving of this award.

Kay Luedtke-Smith

Spring 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Nominated by Amy Furman and Roberta S. Kagin

Kay accepting lifetime achievement
(From Nomination Letter, 2016)
Kay has worked with a wide variety of populations: children with special needs, students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, young adults with traumatic brain injuries, and seniors with Alzheimer’s. However, she is best known for her work over more than 27 years with young children.

Since 2010, she has served as the Association Internship Approval Committee Representative for the Great Lakes Region to the national committee of the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). She has worked closely with all the Minnesota Internship Directors and Music Therapy Professors as well as those throughout the Great Lakes Region.

Over the past 20 years she has mentored more than 55 practicum students from the University of Minnesota and Augsburg College and supervised an amazing 62 Music Therapy interns from all across the United States during their 6-month internship. It is hard to find a Minnesota music therapist who has not done some part of their training with Kay.

In addition she has served as MTAM President and Past President. When the 2002 AMTA conference was in the Minneapolis she utilized her connections with the Schubert Club to co-plan the first gathering for music therapy supporters during the conference. This concept is now regularly seen at the national conferences.

Bill Webb

Fall 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award

(Read on the day of conference to introduce Bill Webb for the Lifetime Achievement Award, by Peter Meyer)
Today’s recognition award recipient is for a long term member of the Twin Cities music therapy community. This person has been involved as a committee member of MTAM while also engaged in music therapy teaching, training, grant writing and community outreach. This person has a B.S in music therapy from the College of Education at the University of Minnesota, and a M.A, in Theology and the Arts from the United Theological Seminary of New Brighton MN, with a focus on a theological reflection of music therapy, rhythm and long term care. This person has played in professional music organizations throughout the US for 40 years, and has played alongside music therapy advocates/luminaries as Baba Olatunji, Nigerian master drummer and Jefferson Starship rock guitarist Craig Chaquico . This individual has presented at local, regional and national music therapy conferences as well as led some of the committees that are behind the scenes helping to make these events run smoothly. He has been an internship director over the last 18 years for 99 interns and is a teacher of undergraduate music therapy techniques and methods. His program has received several grants for innovation in the music therapy profession including a 2 year experimental dance movement therapy combined with music therapy in long term care; a grant for Soundbeam technology in long term care and a recent grant for hip hop song writing and recording technology.