State Licensure Opportunities

This year a “Subcommittee on Licensing”, chaired by Rep. Nick Zerwas was created. The first 2016 hearing scheduled with this subcommittee will be at the capital this Monday, February the 8th at 10 am!

There are several ways that you can help.

If you are limited on time, please skip down to action opportunity 2.

Action Opportunity 1:
In preparation for this we are in need of letters and/or calls of testimony/support to committee members. Unfortunately, we need these letters by the end of the day Friday the 5th to get them prepared for the hearing early on Monday.

If you cannot get your letters prepared by Friday, please still send them. We can use generic letters of support throughout the 2016 session. We apologize for the last minute request, as we just received details of the hearing.

The State Licensure Task Force has put together the attached “please support music therapy licensure” document to provide more information on why we are seeking licensure in MN, as well as letter and phone templates.

The key points we want to make are that licensure for music therapists in MN would protect our clients and increase accessibility.

Please copy Todd Schwartzberg and Melissa Hirokawa to your letters.

Action Opportunity 2:
If you can’t get letters of support by Friday, calls to committee members in support of HF 2366, for music therapy licensure, would be very helpful!

Below are pdfs of committee members and their phone numbers as well as a phone script:
MN phone script to support bill-example
Please Support Music Therapy Licensure (2016)
Subcommittee on Licensing Membership 2016 (contact info)
Talking points and sample legislative letter

Action Opportunity 3:
Spread the word! Ask clients, administrators, family, and friends to do the same!

Action Opportunity 4:
If you can make it to the hearing on Monday that would also be fantastic. In previous hearings, we have heard that simply having people present in support can be helpful. We are the first bill to be heard, so please arrive early/no later than 9:50/9:55.
Please meet outside Room 5 at the State Office Building located at:

100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55155.

Follow link for parking options near the capital.

This is just the first step. After this committee we need to be scheduled on the HHS Reform Committee (Representative Mack) and then HHS Finance (Representative Dean). We also need to go through the respective committees in the Senate.

As always, thank you very much for your time, support, assistance, and the great work you are doing in MN!

Contact Melissa Kirokawa, M.M., MT-BC or Todd. Schwartzberg, M.Ed., MT-BC if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or suggestions.