Terrie (Wolles) McCoss Internship Scholarship

Two yearly deadlines, July 31st & Jan 31st (Feb 15th for 2018)
Apply by these dates for current interns or an upcoming internship
(Not for those who have finished or are in second half of their internship)

Application Form- (Application WORD; Application PDF)

To qualify for the MTAM stipend, intern must be accepted to one of the approved AMTA internship programs in Minnesota.
TO APPLY: Download the Stipend Application and either mail or submit electronically to:
MTAM Stipend
c/o Stephanie Holman Hubbard, MA, MT-BC
2745 Hilo Ave, N
Oakdale, MN, 55128
Stephanie Holman Hubbard E-mail

Stipend Description
The MTAM Scholarship is sponsored by the Music Therapy Association of Minnesota. The scholarship was created and founded by MTAM with significant input from the student associations of Augsburg College and the University of MN to provide financial assistance to anyone doing a music therapy internship in the state of Minnesota.
Prospective Music Therapy Interns who demonstrate a significant financial need are encouraged to apply for the MTAM stipend. Recipients will be chosen based upon a single-page essay outlining musical inspirations. In addition please include a resume, a transcript (unofficial is OK), description of extracurricular activities and proof of internship in Minnesota.
Three letters of reference –at least one from an educational source- and an audition tape of applicant’s musical abilities will also be considered. Special consideration will be given to those who demonstrate their spirit of volunteering and giving back to the community and work experience.

Complete the attached application form and mail all required documentation to the address enclosed on the form.

Questions or Concerns may be directed to:Stephanie Hubbard.
Applications must be accompanied by all required documentation in order to be considered for this Stipend.
Recipients will be notified by mail.
Disbursement of scholarship funds will be done by the Internship site supervisor contingent upon successful completion of mid-term evaluation.
Two yearly deadlines are July 31st and Jan 31st. (Feb 15th for 2018)
Decisions will be made by the MTAM executive board and will be considered final.

Please Enclose:
Completed Application Form- (Application WORD; Application PDF)
One-Page essay outlining applicant’s musical inspirations
Most recent unofficial college transcript
Audition tape demonstrating musical abilities.(Cassette, Compact Disc, electronic submission, and VHS/DVD are acceptable)
3 letters of recommendation(one must be from an academic source)
Professional Resumé
Description of Extracurricular Activities
Proof of Internship Acceptance at Minnesota Site